About EVG

Thank you for visiting everythingvideogame.com. Everything Video Game (EVG) is a website all about gaming. The mission is to provide quality entertainment for users, to create high quality games and franchises, to provide a channel through which developers can test and launch their games, and to create an outlet for content creators of all kinds (videos, tutorials, comics etc..)

First and foremost the goal of EVG is to provide entertainment and interest for site visitors. At this early stage this includes a game called Super Brick World. However, this will evolve to include videos, tutorials, blogs, store items, contests, additional forums and blogs, and of course additional games. Revenue generated from the website will be used to create high quality in-house games and game franchises. In-house games will emulate traditional game play and game objectives as an alternative to the current pick-up and play model of current multi platform digital distribution games. Maintaining traditional games will become more important as the industry moves away from physical media console gaming to universal devices such as smart phones and tablets. One such in-house game is Super Brick World™. Although a simple Breakout game, Super Brick World™ provides the player with a true sense of advancement and final objective. Watch the video here. The story has been designed so that it can be expanded on in future games and allow for different game play models other than Breakout. Right now the beta version of Super Brick World™ can be exclusively played on everythingvideogame.com.

In is unknown at this point what everythingvideogame.com will evolve into, however some goals are discernable at this point: A website with a vast amount of games, a source of revenue to finance the creation of games which emulate traditional game play and objectives, a place to discuss video games and share videos, and a general gamers hub. It will take some time for the website to mature, however it will ripen into something great with your support.